Residential Solar is back in Nevada – Governor signs AB 405

On Thursday morning at around 10am Governor Sandoval signed a bill that will rejuvenate the solar industry in Nevada. Bringing thousands of jobs, boosting the economy, increasing renewable energy and improving the environment.

Bill AB 405 will see a return of roof-top solar to Nevada through an improved net metering rate which had previously been cut in 2015 causing the industry to stall. AB 405 will allow rooftop solar customers to be reimbursed for excess generation from a solar system at 95 percent of the retail electricity rate (100% until September 1st). The system works on a sliding scale with four tiers, where credit rates decrease in 7 percent increments for every 80 megawatts of rooftop solar generation deployed — to a floor of 75 percent of the retail rate. The rate will be guaranteed for 20 years from installation.

The legislation ensures that net metering will remain law in the event Nevada voters decide to deregulate the state’selectricity market. It also mandates that residential solar and energy storage customers cannot be treated as a separate rate class, which means these customers cannot be hit with higher fees for investing in distributed energy.

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