LED Lighting





Benefits of LED


 Reduce Energy Costs

LED lighting reduces the lighting portion of your bill by up to 70%

Reduced Maintenance

LED lights have a much lower failure rate and warranties of 5-20 years. Additionally they don’t require ballasts, so save you time and money.

Payback period of 1.5 – 5 years

Typically LED retrofits pay for themselves in 1.5 years, with 18-40% returns within 10 years.

Reduces energy consumption

Reduces consumption by up to 70%. Plus reduce cooling costs as LEDs emit very little heat in contrast to traditional lights.


 Show off your product

LEDs superior lighting quality helps to display your product in a better light and adds a stylish, modern look.

 Improve CSR

Due to improved efficiency and improved ecological standards, LEDs can enhance a companies CSR and offer a valuable marketing tool.

 Ecologically friendly

Made from non-toxic material

Better Quality

LEDs offer higher quality lighting that has been shown to reduce headaches and improve productivity.

The Business Case


Businesses desire to reduce their energy cost while improving working conditions and reducing their environmental impact are the key drivers for pursuing LED lighting. The monetary savings on the lighting potion of your energy bill are typically from 50% -70% from retrofitting with more efficient LED lights. Therefore offering a fantastic opportunity for your business to drastically cut costs, freeing up finance for other endeavours.  With the high savings the payback period for your investment is typically only 1.5 – 5 years.

In addition to reduced lighting bills, changing to LED lighting can greatly reduce maintenance costs and time. Unlike traditional lighting the ballast is removed and failure rates are much lower, thus making savings throughout. Typical warranties for LED lights range from 10-20 years, 3-15 years longer than older lighting systems. This means less time spent switching out lamps and ballasts, with more time spent on what really matters for your business.  


How the LSA works

  1. We calculate your current lighting expenses based on your current lighting system and hours of operation.
  2. We will design a lighting solution that will enhance your lighting quality and reduce your energy use. The energy savings will determine the duration of the Lighting Services Agreement, typically 1.5-5 years.
  3. You start saving from day 1! Enjoying zero maintenance costs, better lighting and reduced energy bills.


Financing: Lighting Services Agreement

We appreciate that while many businesses want to turn to LED lighting the upfront costs can prove to be a stumbling block. In order to tackle this and ensure that everyone can realize the great energy savings afforded by LED lighting, we have partnered with Light Edison to create a financing system that allows you to pay for the retrofit with your savings. This means zero upfront costs and you realize savings from day 1! 

The Lighting Services Agreement (LSA) allows you to pay for your lights monthly out of the savings you realize from switching to LED. Even better, it appears on your books as a service and not as debt so it will not impact on your credit options or financial health. What is more as part of the LSA we are responsible for all your maintenance throughout its duration. 

So if haven’t already converted to LED lighting then you are paying your utility provider every month instead of using the same money to fund your better lighting experience.  You are already paying for your new lighting system so let’s get it installed.








We are so confident in our product that we will guarantee the performance of your LED system for the first 5 years of the project. If at any point in this time your energy reduction is less than promised then we will cut you a check to make up the difference.


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Our Process

01. Contact

Get in touch with us and learn what we can offer your business

02. Lighting Audit

Arrange for a lighting audit of your buildings. We will simply count the lights, type and wattage so we can specify what LEDs to use and how much money you will save.

03. Proposal

We will present you with a proposal that states how much money you will save, how much less energy you will use and the payback period for the lights. We will answer any questions and help get the project started.

04. Installation

Once you are happy with the proposal we will do a final walk through to iron out any details then we will begin installation. We will dispose of all old bulbs and fully retrofit with new LED lights.

05. Maintenance

LEDs have a very low failure rate compared to traditional lighting with excellent warranty’s. But if you sign an LSA we are there to perform any maintenance you may need throughout your contract. 

06. Completed Project 

You now have amazing, stylish and practical new lighting that is saving you money!  Your savings are guaranteed!

Utility Rebates


Utility companies offer various rebates for commercial LED lighting retrofit projects to enable businesses to reduce their energy demand, provide significant economic benefits, create jobs and improve their Corporate Social Responsibility.

1 Sun Solar Electric will work with your business to identify the most beneficial rebates for you, and to put in the application to maximise your savings.




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