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Electric Vehicle (EV) charging has many benefits, whether it is located at your home or business. With an ever increasing range, stylish design, emission reductions and low maintenance costs the number of EVs has increased dramatically over recent years. 

Naturally with the increased uptake and quality of EVs there is a need for more charging points, both residential, at the work place or public locations. 1 Sun Solar Electric strives to provide only the safest, highly efficient and most reliable EV charging points on the market. Ensuring that we are flexible to your needs, we strive to deliver the perfect product for you or your business. 

Benefits of Electric Vehicles


 Charge at home

No more trips to the gas station. You can charge your car at home or at your office by installing an EV charging point.

No Maintenance

Electric Vehicles require minimum maintenance, no oil changes and less engine complications.

 Low running cost

Electric Vehicles have very low running costs compared to their gas fuelled counterparts. 

Better Ride Quality

EVs offer a quieter, smoother ride in comparison with traditional gas powered vehicles. Many also come equipped with the latest technologies which will please tech lovers.


 Environmental Benefits

Reduces energy consumption by over 50% and even more if electricity is generated through renewable sources.

 Holistic energy reduction

If you already have solar or you are looking to put solar on your building then this can be used to charge your EV. This offers a holistic approach towards reducing your energy consumption and cutting your bills.


In many cities EVs can use carpool lanes and do not have to pay a tariff to drive in low emission zones. 

Rebates and Tax Breaks

Some States will offer a rebate or tax breaks for electric vehicle owners

Electric Vehicles by Numbers



Reduction in emissions



Oil Changes




Growth from 2013-2016


0-100% charge


People charge at home or work


Total charge time

Enjoy greater savings

and convenience

by installing an EV charging station 


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